African fashion is synonymous with Summer and print, and white that assertion may additionally be actual in the west, in Africa it is tradition. African trend has influenced many designers at some point of the west, grabbing inspiration for prints, fabrics and colours from the continent. In the months of Summer, our retail shops flood with African inspired clothing; suiting the local weather and season and creating an atmosphere of cool summer vibes. However, in a local weather of tradition appropriation, it is vital to be aware of the significance of fashion in Africa and to be knowledgeable about the place we the idea for our clothes begin.

African trend consists of vivid colours, with prominent, and at times, clashing prints with tribal-like patterns. One of the most predominant fabrics in Africa used to create ordinary printed garb is Ankara.  Ankara is 100% cotton, painted cloth used for many garb objects such as dresses, headscarves, jackets, amongst others. Fabric manufacturing and weaving is an necessary occupation in Africa, developing employment and consumerism; one of the matters that make fashion in Africa so important.

Due to our globally linked world and the upward jab of social media, the landscape of African fashion has modified with African trend becoming influenced via the west and western designers using ordinary African apparel as suggestion for collections commercializing on facets of African fashion. In addition to this, celebrities such as Beyonce and Nicki Minaj have also dawned African inspired clothing creating a commodity for the pieces.

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