Though it’s commonly referred to as “African”, the fabric hails from northern Africa, specifically the inland country of Mali in the Western Sahara region.  

The term “Mud Cloth” is loosely translated from Bambara, the language spoken in Mali. “Bògòlanfini” as it is called in Bambara, combines three root words: “Fogo” meaning earth or mud, “Ian” meaning ‘with’, and “Fini” meaning cloth.

Mud Cloth was often manufactured to carry meaning to the wearers and onlookers.

The designers used the pattern of the light shapes and figures on the dark background to convey meaning.

The handmade Malian cloth dyed using fermented mud, giving it its name-sake. The tradition dates back to the 12th century.

Some Goods Produced Out Of Mud Cloth by Rafarazzi

  • Mud Cloth Jiggy Bag
  • Mud Cloth shirt
  • Mud Cloth Wakanda Shoes
  • Mud Cloth Thobe (available in lion, elephant and  eagle art specification )

Mud Cloth Jiggy Bag

The Jiggy bag is designed with quality leather and a mud cloth. It has two openings and is comfortable to carry along.

The Jiggy bag not only to give you the feelings of being adventurous but also helps you to be.

The beauty of the Jiggy bag is that, it fits everywhere. It is easier to wash and keeps no barrier between you and your adventure and saves ample time.    

It has a longer warranty period and can last long.

Mud Cloth Shirt

Also with the Rafarazzi mud cloth shirt, it is also designed to make one feel nature whenever it’s been worn and it is comfortable to wear.

The Rafarazzi mud cloth shirt is the best outfit for your special occasions and vacations.

Mud Cloth Wakanda Shoes

The Wakanda shoe is the best shoe to choose for your vacation and outing. This sneaker is made from quality Mud Cloth. These sneakers are ideal addition to your shoes collection a cool easy to put on sneakers made with first class material.

It is smartly crafted to match and make you sense very blissful with extraordinary types of casual outfit each and every time you wear it.

Visit for your Rafarazzi Wakanda shoes.

Mud Cloth Thobe

Wearing a loose-fitting thobe ensures men are properly covered and modest in their attire.  It has a classy, stylish and trendy design so you can be sure of a perfect fit. It is made from the finest Mud Cloth fabric that makes it extremely comfortable to wear. It is available in lion, eagle and elephant art specification. Get yourself a Rafarazzi Mud Cloth thobe for your best look.


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