Working African print for the office is not always so easy, especially as it’s mandatory every Friday. For some of your friends, how they appear, is almost little to no concern as long as their not naked, but for you (and that’s why you are here) there is something that doesn’t easily connect when getting office wear right and we outline it below.

Africa and Africans are very extravagant, we are diverse, and even in our own country here in Ghana, we have so many languages and over 40 tribes, all with their own cultural, style, and behavioral influences. So standing out is not only essential. But let’s be clear, not just standing out, but standing right.

In fact, this explains why African prints are so admired in Africa. The used of colours that scream ‘look at me’ composed in artistic desires that bring out the beauty in your body and eyes. Nevertheless, your office wear shouldn’t always scream outlook for me, and if you wish for it to do so, then you have to follow symmetrical rules.

So let’s start with those that don’t wish to scream out but want to stand right. Always work with small design monochrome prints. These are outfits where the pattern of the prints are not too demanding to the eye. ie. your viewers are not trying to figure out of that a bird or a car drawn into your clothes. All looks should avoid none structural style designs, ie. off shoulders, bell sleeves, crop tops etc.

In the case you do decide to wonder a bit into a more trendy look, ensure your presentation is as bland as ever, you won’t want to let your ‘post girls night out’ look to overshadow stationery office job. See some examples below.

Moving on to those that aren’t scared off attention, in other words those that execute a fashion show by walking through the office space into their own private office. Bold print with large patterns just the fabric for you. Remember, do stay conformed with the typical layered office wear designs.

And in case you do decide to turn it a notch up, ensure you have enough outfits of that calibre for the rest of the year because you will build an audience. So if you are daring enough and ready for the challenge, you and try cold shoulders, slit sleeves, multiway outfits but with structural design. See below.


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