For a long time Adina Thembi has reigned with beautiful music in the charts, however, when it comes to fashion it may seem as though she is being over looked by many bloggers and fashion style awards.

Maybe her lady like reserved personality may be shadowing her from the publics view, however, if full analysis she surpasses almost all Ghanaian celebrities when we combine style with representing African brands. Two brands she is mostly commonly found in are Afromod trends and Ometsey Official. However, her closet range is wide enough and filled with colored home grown goodies that makes all envy.

We would hate to see the media way for her to break out of her composed personality, or engage in some controvery before they give the her fashion icon respect she deserves. She has mastered fashion from her stage performance, to her casual looks to her red carpets and never fails.

See a few looks below


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