Kente cloth has its origin from the Akan-Ashanti kingdoms in Ghana. The origin of kente is in the Akan empire of Bonoman. Most Akans migrated out of the area that was Bonoman to create various states.

Kente comes from the word kenten, which means basket in the Asante dialect of Akan. Akans refer to kente as nwentoma, meaning woven cloth. It is an Akan royal and sacred cloth worn only in times of extreme importance and was the cloth of kings. Over time, the use of kente became more widespread. In Agotime, kente weaving was not related to royalty, and weavers create kente for themselves or clients. Its importance has remained and it is held in high esteem by southern Ghanaians. Globally, it is used in the design of academic stoles in graduation ceremonies.

Kente cloth designs vary, with the different designs, colors, and patterns each having their own special meanings and stories. But Kente cloth also reflects the history of the Ashanti people, from the emergence of the various Ashanti kingdoms to the development of the slave trade up to and including contemporary life in Ghana. the kente cloth can be used for making bags, shoes, purse etc.

Some product produced out of kente cloth by Rafarazzi

  • African print hand folding
  • Rafarazzi kente side bag
  • Rafarazzi kente shoe
  • Spaco kente bag
  • Rafarazzi kente hand bag

African print hand folding fan

These fans are great showcase of African art and at the same time a stylish way to cool you off. It also increases heat convention by displaying the warmer air produce by body heat that surrounds the skin, which has an additional cooling effect; provided that the ambient air temperature is lower than the skin temperature. They also make a great accessory to your outfit in church or at a picnic or any occasion. African print folding fan are convenient to carry around.

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Rafarazzi kente side bag

The Rafarazzi Side bag is designed with quality leather and kente cloth which makes it comfortable and beautiful to carry along.  it  has four openings which enables one to keep valuable items in them. It gives you the feeling of being adventurous.

The Rafarazzi side bags  makes it unique comparing them to other side bags. The Rafarazzi side bag has a longer warranty period and can last long.

Rafarazzi kente shoes

The kente shoes are attractive shoes that express your taste and artistic sense. A good pair of shoes not only adds on your fashion appeal, they help you create the perfect look and satisfy your fervor for fashion accessories. It is designed with a colorful kente cloth.

The kente shoes permit you to move around comfortably and securely, while protecting your feet from all kinds of harmful substances present in the exterior; thus they are integral essentials for you. To avoid playing havoc with your social image and personal style, pick the best shoes at Rafarazzi.  

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 Spaco kente bag

Spaco kente backpack put less strain on your body than most other kinds of bags because their weight doesn’t pull on one side of your body. Spaco kente backpack is designed to evenly distribute their load on your shoulders and hips, making them easy to carry for several hours. Thick straps with lots of padding make it even more comfortable.

 Spaco kente backpacks are really important because they help in accumulating all the necessary things. It is designed with quality leather and kente cloth which is comfortable and beautiful to carry along. It has four openings including two side pockets on each side.

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Rafarazzi kente hand bag

The Rafarazzi kente hand bag is designed with quality leather and kente cloth. Add a stylish flair to your attire with the kente bag.  

Handbags are not only used for style purpose but are also useful in carrying daily items manageable in it. Women keep their different belongings such as phone, keys, money etc in bags. Get yourself a kente hand bag at Rafarazzi.

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