Hamamat Is Nothing But ‘African Print’ Sunshine As She Serves Us Haute Sauce

Good morning kings and queens, as she probably said when she stepped out in the splendid yellow and grey print dress. Hamamat, a great Ghanaian social media ambassador, is nothing however extra lovely in a suitable.

She rocked a Kaba & Slit dress and a straight dress. Kaba is the Ghanaians term used for the top half of a traditional attire. Kaba and slit comprises of the long wrap skirt called the #SLIT and the matching blouse the KABA which is mostly made up of traditional cloth.

This customary garment is a very symbolic outfit of elegance as it strongly associated with our Ghanaian & African ladies especially our mothers & grandmothers. The simplistic, yet stylish look allows the wearer to exude this immense sense of pride, confidence and beauty.

source: https://www.fashionghana.com

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