Hamamat Montia is a Ghanaian model and a former Miss Malaika queen who started her career as a model. After she was elected Miss Malaika in 2006, she later went to represent Ghana in model of Africa Universe in 2007.

Currently, she is a viral internet sensation owning a shea butter company, selling just that, soap and other products handmade in Ghana. She is the only lady who actually grows younger and gets prettier by the day.

Seeing Hamamat step up in something modern and trendy…and not riding a bicycle in the village, or pouring water on her children wrapped in cloth and so on, is a bit unusual.

Well, expect the unusual as she served us style, and not just style, but style with legs. Hamamat posed in a Kaftan top with fishnet leggings.

She credited the leggings to Lululingerie, which we assume could be a lingerie brand owned by Oluchi whom she actually dressed to have a meeting with.

See her rock the look below.



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