Rafarazzi African Print Crossbody Bag

We all know ladies love to have bags that can carry a lot of stuff but sometimes for a quick step out or night in the town carrying a big handbag is just too much work so what do you do? Say hi to the solution, called a Crossbody bag, a mini bag or a hanging purse, in all honesty it has many names because it’s so cool! These bags have been in fashion for so many years. You can read of the history of crossbody bags here. Rafarazzi has very beautiful African kente fabric and types. If you are wondering why you should get one, here are some mind blowing reasons!

Rafarazzi Kente Handbag

They are beautiful and durable

Our African print crossbody bags  are the definition of cool. They are durable enough to not worry about the handle tearing and having all your contents falling to the floor; phones, tampons and all, yikes! They are also spacious enough to carry a money purse, phones and even a tablet. Oh there will also be room for your makeup. We made these Afro crossbody bags with beautiful African print kente and PU leather so they can easily be cleaned when they get dirty. All that you need in a bag right?

They are super utilitarian bags

We didn’t just make these African kente bags beautiful, spacious and durable oh. Being the practical designers that we are we considered utility as well. Clearly this is important isn’t it? So now whenever you go out you can feel free and empty your pockets but still have enough money to get you home or buy you a snack.

Rafarazzi Kente Handbag

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