Kente print is still trending and thanks to beauties like Raven Jones. The popular instagram model was recently spotted in a haute kente print mini skirt bodycon dress with flair sleeves. She coupled the outfits with a fantastic head wrap allowing her to flaunt her sexiness all whilst being culturally appropriate.

Raven Jones is a top slim but curvy beauty that has for long being modeling in amazing outfits by African brands, as well as serving her fans amazing swimwear hotshots. The dress in question was designed by Ghanaian US-based designer, Mimmy Yeboah.


The kente design once took its roots as a fabric of royalty. The rich colors and representation of the patterns and the long process it took to create beautiful fabrics. However in more recent times in Africa, Ghana to be specific, the Chinese companies have flooded the market with print versions of kente, destroying the ever once so cherished fabrics and the employment and industry created around it, whilst the government sits idly by.

Despite what has been stolen from the economy, it seems the culture, essence, and representation of the fabrics still remains. And hot images like that of Raven Jones keep Africa in the limelight. Check out the beauty below as she serves us wonderful shots in Mimmy Yeboah’s latest outfit.

PS: Do note mini skirt dresses with bold arm/hand designs are usually perfect for outings such as club nights, dates or an evening out with friends. They don’t serve well for casual daytime outfits unless one is seeking more attention than usual.

In the earlier days, many women were scrutinized for sexualizing African prints, kente, and African culture as we saw the rise of hot women in African orientated dress. Today, these images are some of the most viral pictures on social media and widely accepted.


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