Rap doctor and legendary musician Okyeame Kwame just recently blew our minds with a beautiful album launch event that took place on Saturday the 20th at the 233 bar. Although, the Made In Ghana title incorporates everything from food, to housing products and more, it has been heavily stigmatized with his push for Ghanaians to also embrace their own ‘Made In Ghana’ fashion. Hence why we saw him in the beautiful outfits below

But the encouragement for wearing Made In Ghana stretches beyond wearing outfits with print, it mainly reflects on the business aspects of endorsing your own neighbour and supporting their business by purchasing from them. But in the case this was to really happen in it’s full entirety, Ghana might have to expect a whole new sense of fashion for men and possibly Africa as explained below.

Fashion for men has literally been quiet in Africa or atleast Ghana as far as we are concerned. In all honestly, African fashion for men, if not a traditional look like the batakari or the agbada, it has been nothing but an emulation of the western styles with African print to it.

Africa has followed the monologue of Europe that a man doesn’t go out their way to be attractive, but instead powerful. If you are successful, you were a suite and a tie. If you are urban you were something from the recent rap videos. If you are a fashionista you wear your ankle high trousers and blazers and style it in various ways.

Yes, they are all beautiful if done right, but these looks never challenge the norm. A norm that could be challenged for men if fashion in Ghana was to stabilize itself around new creative designs. We are even looking at a world of fashion where men could even be the center of attention on the red carpets, considering our Ghanaian creatives can work moderately within the unique interest of the appearance of a man whilst not creative an overtly expressive outfit.

What is most interesting is this is not some imaginary idea to come out of the blue, the champion of Made In Ghana himself has been setting examples not only wearing Ghanaian brands, but also exploring the unique designs of menswear by various designers. Some that have raised questions but most of all, eye grabbing and masculine. It’s seem Okyeame Kwame may be on a path to alter fashion for men in Africa or atleast open the gates for the creatives to do so. See a few looks that prove exactly what we mean.


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